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It begins again. Again

It’s time.

Usually I’m not that creative in the winter, and much more motivated with life in the spring, but it’s time.

I’m *so* not a blogger. I’m a Gen-X who grew up writing poems in paper notebooks and on a DOS computer screen with the orange blinking cursor. But it’s time.

Time and time again, I’ve tried to put some thoughts on this page, with little consistency (hence the blog title?) But I guess I should try again this time.

I’ve been irresolutely guest posting on a friend’s blog, just to see if I could do it. I did, and various insights keep coming up… call it writer’s brain I guess. So it’s probably time to own mine.

I’ve got a whole travel blog to work on with Mountaineer, from our many adventures with many glorious photos. So it’s definitely time.

For starters, for discipline, I’ll post every other week (heart beating in my throat at the thought of doing this). And I’ll post to Facebook to keep me accountable (heart skipping beats now..choke choke).

I’ll do it for me, and I hope it will also be for you.

See you soon.



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