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She Shoot Coca-Cola

Well, it finally happened. I didn’t think it was ever going to happen again — I thought I’d be addicted forever! I went to my favorite super-fast sandwich shop for lunch and gave into the temptation to get that ubiquitous red-canned, classic soda that I’m addicted to. I filled up the 24 oz. cup with … Continue reading

What Girls Want

Forget flowers, candy or little notes. Those are all great. But, speaking as a girl, if you really want to do something meaningful to show me you love me: Start my car for me on a cold morning and scrape the ice off my windows. Ah, sacrificial love. Premeditated consideration. A beautiful, sexy thing.

Missing: Miracle

My wise mentor said: Sometimes for faith and trust must exist for a while without answers in order to grow… I get that, and I like it. But most of the time, I’m still like ‘what the hell?!’ And what if faith and trust has to exist forever with no answers? And you say (in … Continue reading

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