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She Shoot Coca-Cola

Well, it finally happened. I didn’t think it was ever going to happen again — I thought I’d be addicted forever!
I went to my favorite super-fast sandwich shop for lunch and gave into the temptation to get that ubiquitous red-canned, classic soda that I’m addicted to.
I filled up the 24 oz. cup with ice all the way to the top so I wouldn’t drink as much (one of my many little forms of denial), took a sip and….gEEEEEW!
*It didn’t taste good*
I didn’t get that all-encompassing-warm-fuzzy-spine-tingling rush from my tastebuds down to my belly like usually do.
Instead, the cola went in like a watered-down syrupy acid wash, at which I immediately frowned.
I tried a few more sips before finally determining to throw it out. A waste of a $1.65, sure, but what’s that when it comes to my health and well being?
I’ve been avoiding drinking the stuff as much as possible for the past few months to see if I can lose some weight and balance my mood a bit. Plus Mountaineer says I’m a sugar addict (and he’s probably right but we won’t tell him that).
While my soft beverage experience today would have, under normal circumstances, been highly distressing, it was actually pleasant. Knowing that I don’t have to have my beloved sparkling carmel-colored sugar rush, that I’m in control, that it’s not even my favorite beverage anymore — that’s true freedom!
Welcome back, you glorious tastebud receptors! I promise not to damage you anymore.
So…I think I’m pretty much off Coke with perhaps the exception of an occasional Mexican bottled Coke on football Sundays.



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