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I am nuts about this new fruit smoothie

Ok so most of my friends know I’ve been wildly into making veggie smoothies ever since I did an elimination diet from Whole Life Nutrition.

One thing that annoys me about most smoothies you get at chain smoothie places (and even many of the independent ones) is that they all add yogurt, which I can’t have, soy milk, which I don’t like, and if they replace those with more fruit, the smoothie ceases to be smooth. Which kind of defeats half the purpose don’tcha think? With food allergies like I have, I’ve gotten used to deprivation, but where I can make up for it… oh boy I do (and the coolest thing is that sometimes the alternative tastes *better* than the traditional ingredients!)

Hence, me and my bad@ss  Waring Pro 3 HP blender tried a little experiment with the produce I had hanging out in my fridge…

Want a thick, rich, creamy, fruity glass of deliciousness? Check out this tropical, nutty invention…

12 oz organic strawberries (fresh or frozen)
2  peeled bananas (fresh or frozen)
1 cup walnuts or pecans
1/3 cup cold, whole coconut milk (full fat)
1 cup of unsweetened almond milk (don’t be scared of the unsweetness. its ok, the fruit sweetens it right up)
3 medium carrots

Wash the carrots and the organic strawberries that you bought organic because you know commercial strawberries are on the Dirty Dozen pesticide list. I don’t peel my carrots anymore either — all the good nutrients are in the skin, so just wash those babies up and be a rebel — skin on! Cut up the carrots into pieces the size your blender can gobble up easily, and cut the tops off the strawberries.

Throw the carrots and strawberries in the blender with the almond and coconut milk, then the bananas and nuts. I use walnuts because I feel sorry for them – the unbeloved of the nut family, and I think they taste great with the mild coconut flavor. But pecans would probably be delish too.

Pour into a big, tall glass and watch your friends envy the deliciousness!



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