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It begins again. Again

It’s time. Usually I’m not that creative in the winter, and much more motivated with life in the spring, but it’s time. I’m *so* not a blogger. I’m a Gen-X who grew up writing poems in paper notebooks and on a DOS computer screen with the orange blinking cursor. But it’s time. Time and time … Continue reading

Overheard After Church…

After returning from a scuba diving trip in Mexico, our pastor is teaching a series with the theme “H2O,” using the ocean as a parable to describe God’s infinite love and challenge us to really dive in and seek to know the God we claim to trust instead of just splashing around with superficial faith. … Continue reading

A Lesson from Rap Stars: How to Handle Haters

My girlfriend and I were hanging out last night and she was telling me her struggles with her in-laws. And we’re not just talking your ordinary “my mother-in-law thinks I’m a slob” kind of struggles. We’re talking marriage-wrecking, home-destroying, arrogant, self-obsessed, intrusive haters. The kind of people that send otherwise stable, happy spouses to therapy. On a side … Continue reading

I am nuts about this new fruit smoothie

Ok so most of my friends know I’ve been wildly into making veggie smoothies ever since I did an elimination diet from Whole Life Nutrition. One thing that annoys me about most smoothies you get at chain smoothie places (and even many of the independent ones) is that they all add yogurt, which I can’t … Continue reading

Ahhhh… A Change of Paint

Like the new blog theme? It’s so much more 21st-century than the previous layout! Nothing like a change of paint to make one’s blog interesting again. It’s like putting on a new pair of jeans. Crisp, fresh and tight. Well, it’s far from finished — you might have noticed the About Me and Contact Me sections … Continue reading

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